Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sunday, November 13, 2016

What Needs Fundamental Change?

Eight years ago a man promised to "fundamentally change" America. To change means to make something different from what it was, so let's look at what America was before Obama got hold of it:

  • a constitutional republic (holding on by the skin of its teeth)
  • a population consisting of hard-working people supporting an ever-growing population of dependents 
  • a struggling economy burdened by oppressive regulation
  • a country with almost no border security
  • a country where most everyone knew who was male and who was female
  • a country with improving race relations, although pockets of trouble persisted
  • a country where women could kill their babies up to the moment before birth with no legal penalties
  • a country with declining academic achievement proportional to federal interference in the process.
I could go on, but this is enough for starters.  Now, what did he change? Now we have:
  • a constitutional republic in need of CPR while all three branches of government kick it in the face or stand by and do nothing 
  • a population of hard-working people supporting an ever-growing population of dependents while working multiple part-time jobs because Obamacare destroyed so many full-time jobs
  • a struggling economy burdened by even more regulation
  • a country with almost no border security and a government admitting hostile "refugees" who want to wage jihad and rape infidels in the communities where the feds resettle them.
  • a country where most everyone knows who is male and who is female, but nobody is allowed to say so
  • a country with rapidly deteriorating race relations, with riots and chaos as well as assassinations of police officers
  • a country where women can kill their babies up to the moment before birth and celebrate the event on Twitter while their abortionist sells the spare parts for a handy profit.
  • a country with declining academic achievement proportional to federal interference in the process.
You know what really needed to change? We didn't need to fundamentally change America; We needed to fundamentally change Washington, D.C.

  • Each branch of government needs to hold the other two accountable for adhering to the constitution
  • Hard-working people are not the problem. Washington needs to set them free to take care of their own families by drastically reducing regulations affecting workers
  • Americans are innovative and productive, even in the face of crushing regulation. Lift the burden and set genius and creativity free!
  • Without borders, a nation does not exist. Consistent enforcement of existing laws and a rebuke of so-called "sanctuary cities" is needed. Refugees must truly be seeking an American life, not the destruction of the American life.
  • People who believe in biology should not face fines, penalties, or even complete ruin of their businesses. Neither should those who embrace thousands of years of biology be forced to sacrifice privacy, safety, or dignity to accommodate those who insist upon defining their own "reality." 
  • Free people will naturally look on others with good will as others reciprocate. Free people are often generous people. Free people will not/should not tolerate lawless destruction of life and property.
  • Washington should respect the millions of Americans who want no part in the killing of innocent, defenseless human life, especially after viability and especially through vicious torture.  Forcing kind and decent people to pay for sacrifices to Molech is wrong, period.
  • Washington has no constitutional role to play in education. Just get out and stay out! Parents and states can handle it.
We didn't need to change America fundamentally. The fundamentals were strong. Washington had simply interfered so much that the foundations were crumbling under burdens they should never have had to bear.  Remove the unnecessary weight and shore up the foundations.  The American people will take it from there. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Writing: An Important Tool for Those Who Value Freedom

From my Education Blog: Set Yourself Apart: Avoid Common Writing Mistakes...: In the age of blogs and social media, bad writing is all too common. Thus, the person who writes well stands out from the crowd.  You can be such a person....

Thursday, April 21, 2016

STEM Education as a Path Out of Poverty

Check out this organization which seeks to free people from poverty by educating more girls in developing countries in math and science:

Hog on Ice: Books and Independent Learning: Promoting STEM Education in Developing Nations: I recently became acquainted with the Benignant STEM Innovation Foundation , which promotes education in math and science...

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Will Wonders Never Cease? Democrats for Economic Growth?

In line with my previous book review post, looks like some Democrats are trying to save their party from the French Revolution-like "equality" crowd.  Check out James Petohoukis' article.  Apparently there are still Democrats in favor of innovation/wealth creation rather than just wealth redistribution. Is it too much to hope they might prevail over the Marxists in their party? Let us hope not.  I'd like all voters in all parties to have some good choices within their parties.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

A More Prosperous Planet

About time somebody wrote about helping people prosper instead of just demonizing success!  It's been a while.  Felipe Tudela offers facts, not politics; math, not mantras.

As a trained engineer, I was hooked as soon as I found this phrase in the introduction: "Reality is always bound to win."  Yes!! I have always said people need to experience the physical sciences and physical work.  Then they know there are some inviolable rules--that reality does not adapt to our feelings or whims.  This is why engineering professors are not the Marxist kooks that liberal arts professors tend to be.  In the real world, those who break the rules cause explosions, fires, bridge collapses.  Marxist theoreticians (like many politicians) need not face the results of their experiments.  They insulate themselves while others suffer.  The entrepreneur, bridge builder, or surgeon, however, must pay the piper if/when he/she screws up.

Tudela seeks to explain the difference between the permanently limited wealth paradigm and the wealth creation paradigm.  The former sets us against each other in a winner-takes-all cage match, while the latter makes a better world for anyone of good will and work ethic.

Libertarians and conservatives should get copies of this book into the hands of as many as possible--particularly young people who have been poorly educated indoctrinated) by "progressive" schools.  Since reality always wins, let's be sure we understand it!

I will gift a copy of this book (Kindle) to the first two readers to comment on this blog post, so hurry!  You can also get a copy right away on Amazon.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Don't be Prey--Protect Yourself from Ravenous Government

I have recommended this organization before, but it seems time to remind my readers as election season is upon us again.  If you are tired of government swallowing your entire life with its laws, rules, whims, and taxes, join the Enlightened Zebra Society.  The website has plenty of informative articles on topics near and dear to lovers of individual liberty: flat tax, government spending, legal reform and much more.

There is work to do if we are to escape the hungry lion of progressive tyranny.  Let's get going!