Friday, October 4, 2013

Encouragement for the Discouraged

Do you feel helpless against the massive federal government and the low-information voters?  Read this article from the Foundation for Economic Freedom for a pick-me-up:

50 Ways to Leave Leviathan

Americans have always found ways to get free and stay free, from the Underground Railroad to creating their own jobs when unemployment strikes to fighting unjust laws in court.  Modern technology, while enabling Big Brother to do really frightening things, is a tool that cuts both ways.  Those of us who love freedom must harness the technologies we have in order to stay free.  Don't give up!

To quote something Hal Moore said as he trained air cavalry officers (at least in the movie We Were Solders Once) "...there is always one more thing you can do..."

Friday, September 27, 2013

How to Talk to a Republican (If You Must)

The title is a nod to Ann Coulter, but I wanted to share my recent experiences on the phone with Republicans asking for money.

I immediately let them know that my husband is the Republican in the house, since I deemed that party beyond redemption after Obama was reelected and changed my party affiliation to Libertarian the day after that disastrous election.  I give them a quick spiel about how I was first old enough to vote when Reagan ran for his second term, how as a pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-private property woman I had patiently given Republicans time to come around to the Founder's vision, and how I now realized that would never happen.

Our Founders knew that government was dangerous, men were sinful, and freedom is the best hope for men to live in peace as neighbors.  Today I am surrounded by people who believe government is God, God is too old-fashioned, men can achieve happiness through government, and neighbors exist so that others may covet and steal their stuff through government.  The only solution is to starve government until it is too small and weak to do anything except what it was supposed to do in the first place: stay within the limits enumerated in the Constitution.

Despite my full disclosure, the Republicans keep calling the house (hoping to reach Dr. Schimmel instead of me, I am sure.) They always get me, I tell them, because Dr. Schimmel is always working to pay:

  • taxes they won't fight to cut and
  • tuition so our kids get an actual education instead of government-controlled indoctrination.
Perhaps their persistence in the face of my opposition is indicative of desperation among the Republican elite.  Having alienated their core constituencies and reached out way too far to their opponents, their fund raising has got to be down.  Just a guess.

By the way, here's my shameless plug for the Libertarian Party:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Being Subversive is More Important than Ever

I have neglected this blog--guess I was too busy being subversive!  Here are some links to things I have been writing:

Get Everyone Reading!  A literate population is harder to deceive.

Libertarian and Pro-Life I'm even subversive within my own party.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Liberals' Chickens Coming Home to Roost--Time to Clean the Coop!

Well, you people who wanted Chicago in D.C. got it.   Maybe I'll go get a Verizon phone today and recite the Constitution into it--those D.C. people need to hear what they are violating.  Will Obama get away with this, too? Probably.  Nixon would be so jealous.

Hope you're enjoying Big Brother.  Maybe my fellow citizens (and I use the term loosely) should read a copy of 1984 by George Orwell before it gets banned. 

Enough being nice.  I have had it with people who enjoy the privilege of American citizenship, yet throw it away by voting for people who regard the Constitution as nothing more than toilet paper.  You people disgust me.  Many of your ancestors survived terrible oppression and worked hard to make sure you, their descendants, could live in freedom; Yet you abdicate responsibility and vote for "free stuff" and tyranny.  You deserve an imperial IRS and 24-hour surveillance and no right to defend yourselves.

However, MY descendants do NOT deserve that.  I will use every remaining breath in my body to oppose those who despise the Constitution that guarantees non-interference with my free exercise of religion, speech, and assembly.  Embrace slavery if you like, but you do not speak for my family, nor do the self-righteous, pseudo-intellectual political would-be-tyrants for whom you vote.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Entrepreneurs Defy the Bad Economy

Subversives can start their own businesses.  Succeed in spite of government policies--that will really annoy them!

Crafty?  Join Disciple's Cross and make money by creating and selling beautiful cross necklaces made from nails and colored wire.  Only simple tools are required.

Like to write? Join Squidoo and earn money while writing about your passions.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Read this Quote

"Illegal immigration is a curious subject: It is one of the few domains in which the authorities entrusted with enforcing the law feel obliged to negotiate the most concessionary terms and conditions with those who are breaking it, as though law enforcement were an embarrassing inconvenience. But the rule of law, national security, and economic dynamism are not mere pro forma matters -- they are in fact fundamental, a reality lost on our would-be 'comprehensive' immigration reformers." --National Review

Please note I do not hate immigrants.  I do, however, believe in the rule of law.  People who follow immigration laws, gun laws, tax laws, etc. should not be paying a price for the actions of people who choose to ignore those same laws.  Every time someone breaks the law and gets away with it, it hurts law-abiding people.  Whether those law-abiding people are funding endless "anchor babies" or being told they only get 5 bullets or 7 bullets (because guns are bad because some bad people use guns), they are paying for sins that are not their own.  This is patently unfair.  If the law is not to be enforced, then the citizens who have been law abiding all along should get a break:  let us choose some laws we don't like and exempt ourselves from them.  No, you say?  Then enforce the law without partiality to certain favored groups.  Is that too much to ask?