Friday, February 1, 2013

Read this Quote

"Illegal immigration is a curious subject: It is one of the few domains in which the authorities entrusted with enforcing the law feel obliged to negotiate the most concessionary terms and conditions with those who are breaking it, as though law enforcement were an embarrassing inconvenience. But the rule of law, national security, and economic dynamism are not mere pro forma matters -- they are in fact fundamental, a reality lost on our would-be 'comprehensive' immigration reformers." --National Review

Please note I do not hate immigrants.  I do, however, believe in the rule of law.  People who follow immigration laws, gun laws, tax laws, etc. should not be paying a price for the actions of people who choose to ignore those same laws.  Every time someone breaks the law and gets away with it, it hurts law-abiding people.  Whether those law-abiding people are funding endless "anchor babies" or being told they only get 5 bullets or 7 bullets (because guns are bad because some bad people use guns), they are paying for sins that are not their own.  This is patently unfair.  If the law is not to be enforced, then the citizens who have been law abiding all along should get a break:  let us choose some laws we don't like and exempt ourselves from them.  No, you say?  Then enforce the law without partiality to certain favored groups.  Is that too much to ask?

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