Friday, January 24, 2014

Kindergarden of Eden: A Review

A Primer on the Postmodern Progressive

Evan Sayet seeks to answer a question I often ask when confronted with modern liberals: "What on earth are they thinking?" Now I understand their problem. It is hard to make sense when you won't allow yourself to discern between good and bad, good and better, moral or immoral. It's hard to be logical while denying the existence of absolute, transcendent truth. 

Thus the modern "liberals" subsidize economically destructive behaviors while demonizing hard working traditional families as greedy, for example. Their only virtue is their refusal to judge, even when something is patently, obviously, very wrong. If only Sayet had a plan for defeating these enemies of truth and reality!

I bought the e-book on Amazon and am giving my unsolicited opinion on the quality of this book.

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