Monday, November 3, 2014

Millenials Fight Back!

Katie Kieffer throws Barack Obama’s “Let me be clear…” catch phrase right back in his face on behalf of her generation--the millenials.  She likens his presidency to a war on millenials and makes her case chapter by chapter.

Kieffer got tired of seeing her generation continually lied to and steered in wrong directions.  She got so tired of it, she wrote a book!  Each painful chapter highlights one issue where millenials (and a lot of us older folks, too) got the shaft.  Millenials in our military have died because of stupid rules of engagement and wishy-washy “commitment” from Washington, D.C.  (She lists the names of the SEALS killed August 6, 2011, because somebody ought to care.) Millenials were all told to go to college as the key for success that has yet to come long after graduation.  Millenials who grew up around wholesome, gun-owning, churchgoing folk were told they were the problem with America.

I admire Katie’s optimism despite the fact that the first president many millenials voted for has not left them much to work with.  Here’s hoping their generation can somehow bring beauty from ashes after Obama is finally done with them.

I received a free copy of Let Me Be Clear from the publisher through Blogging for Books.

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