Friday, July 24, 2015

Preserve Free Speech--Don't Be Silenced!

Is it indeed the End of Discussion?

Mary Katherine Ham and Guy Bensen teamed up to warn us of the dangers of letting the left shut down free speech.--not by passing laws, but through intimidation and personal destruction. Who needs to repeal the first amendment when they can simply sic a Twitter mob on you or make sure you lose your job because your wimpy employer doesn't want to make the evening news? 

Even if we wanted to keep all the left's rules (and believe me, I certainly don't) we couldn't. They change the rules daily and sometimes retroactively. Instead of a lively debate like our founders had in the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers, we, despite our abundance of communication resources, get a society that wants to stifle and filter communication instead of encourage it!

Please just stop!!! Let people speak, using words that have had meaning for generations. Stop thinking everybody has to tiptoe around and look at you right and have the right "tone." Heck, those of us who are engineers/geeks (like me and most of my friends) are lucky we can communicate at all under normal circumstances, let alone follow all the silly rules people with nothing useful to do with their lives keep making up and changing daily. 

Get this book.  And use your God-given right to free speech as often as possible.  Do not be silenced.

The trend of scaring private citizens into silence by making their every word as scrutinized as a public figure's does not bode well for a free society. When we are afraid to speak, argue, debate, and agree to disagree at times, we no longer have a free society.

I received a free review copy of End of Discussion from Blogging for Books.

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