Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bitcoin for Books

Image from FreeClipArtNow

The website www.paidbooks.com  encourages people to read by offering free books and Bitcoin reading incentives.  There are over 50 books on the Paid Books site so far, with additions being made regularly.  The books uploaded to the site are public domain works from Project Gutenberg.  In the future they plan to encourage authors to upload their own books to Paid Books as well.

Signing up is not difficult.  You will need a Bitcoin account, but they walk you through the process of acquiring one.  Incentives are earned by choosing a book and setting a timer.  Spend the requisite amount of time on a page and earn when you turn the page.  It works a bit like a traffic exchange, as there are ads on the pages.

Fast readers can still use the site without frustrating waiting times—just turn pages at your normal speed and forego the Bitcoin earnings.  If you don’t have an e-reader, this site is a way to read free books online.

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