Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 3: November 9

I thought my subversive act was celebrating veterans today.  While I did do that, I also came home to another oppportunity I never expected.

I usually get the mail, but my husband was home at lunchtime today for a while, so he opened it today while I was running an errand.  When I got home, he had returned to work.  I went to throw something in the kitchen trash and found something on top of the trash that shocked me to the core--a mailing from Planned Parenthood!  I'm sure Keith just rolled his eyes and threw it out, but I was not content with that.  I fished the letter out of the trash and looked for a phone number I could call.

I found an 800 number for "membership services" and dialed.  When it was answered, I launched an impromptu speech at high speed with as much outrage as it is possible to muster.  I informed this PP pawn that I had never been pro abortion in my life and had never done anything to give anyone cause to believe I might ever consider giving a penny to PP.  I told her I did not spend my days wringing my hands, worried that someday I might want to kill one of my children and not be able to do so cheaply and conveniently.  I told her I don't believe in "women's issues" but in issues that affect us all as human beings.  I asked her if there was some code in her database that would tell me who gave them my name.  She suggested I might subscribe to a women's magazine (I don't--I have better things to do than read about celebrities and cosmetics.)  I still don't know who did it.

I was almost in tears as I told her it should be enough for them that I have to endure their president for another four years.  I told her that letter from them was like rubbing salt in my open wounds.  I told her I wanted PP to keep their trash out of my house.  Furthermore, I want them to stay away from my six children, out of my wallet, and out of my government.  At this point the girl told me she had successfully removed me from the mailing database.

If only I could have delivered that speech to the girl's superiors. I will say that the girl apologized for upsetting me, although she made no apologies for all the killing done in the name of her employer.

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