Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 4: November 10, 2012

I do a great deal of knitting and some sewing.  Did you know that colonial women engaged in subversive activity when they wove their own fabric and made it into clothing?  The king restricted production in the colonies, often requiring raw materials to be shipped to England and finished goods to be purchased from England.

When American women spun and wove during the Revolution, they were depriving England of revenue that could be used against them and against their loved ones on the battlefield.  Likewise, every time we produce something in our own homes for consumption by our own families, we are avoiding the taxes we would have incurred had we purchased those same things.  Every tax you manage to avoid is one less dollar the government can use against you!

So be subversive and repair your own clothes, knit your own sweater, or grow your own vegetables.

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